Make money on YouTube in 2024

How often, when watching YouTube, did you have questions, is it possible to start earning now, how much can you earn on video, what to shoot, or where to start?
I have some answers and tips for you which you will learn in this article.

On YouTube, you can make money from ads, but you also have other options.

As the world moves from a cash-based to a digital-based economy, the opportunities for making money on YouTube continue to expand. Google is currently giving viewers options such as purchasing virtual goods from video creators and having content embedded on MySpace pages.

YouTube continues to invest heavily in new features that will facilitate monetizing videos, so it’s worth becoming familiar with what these are and how they’re connected. For example, YouTube recently introduced a feature called AdSense that makes it easier than ever before for users to make a profit by selling advertising space in their videos. The way AdSense works is very similar to how an online store might work: You upload your video, specify what you want it to sell (in this case usually ads), and then set up an account with Google wherever you want the ads to be displayed (Facebook, Twitter or Google itself). AdSense also helps you determine how much revenue your ad can bring in per day: The more viewers your video has, the more money you’ll earn.

Do you want to learn how to launch, develop and use a YouTube channel from scratch?

You can create your own affiliate marketing program and make money that way.

  • Create an affiliate marketing program around your own products. An affiliate marketing program is a way of making money by advertising the products of other companies and getting paid a commission when someone clicks on the link and purchases them. You can create your own affiliate program using a tool like LeadDyno or Tapfiliate, which allow you to set up a custom page where other people can apply to become affiliates.
  • Promote affiliate products by mentioning them in videos, linking to them in descriptions, or putting up banners in relevant places for your followers. There are several high-profile brands that offer their own affiliate marketing programs, including Amazon and Bluehost, or you can try promoting products from individual creators on sites like ClickBank. You can also include links to things like this book about how to build an online personal brand for entrepreneurs and influencers; if anyone who watches your video buys the book through your unique link, you’ll earn some money!
  • Use conversion-optimized landing pages and compelling offers to increase conversions for your affiliate links. If someone watches one of your videos and clicks on an offer they find compelling enough to buy it right away on the spot (rather than waiting until later), then that’s called conversion optimization—which means that more people have “converted” into paying customers after watching one of your videos than would have without it.

You can sell your own digital products.

If you want to assure yourself a constant source of income with your channel, you can achieve this by selling products that are not just related to your channel but completely made by you. What do we mean? Well, the options are literally endless!

You can sell ebooks, apps, software, or any other digital product that you’ve created and offer them on sale through your website or through third-party platforms. For example, if you have a cooking channel and have written an ebook about recipes and techniques (which is totally related to your main niche), then you can create an eStore on your own website where people can subscribe to access the content.

However, if creating a website is too much of an effort for you right now or if it doesn’t fit into the budget plan for building up your brand, then there are several marketplaces online that allow creators to upload their products and earn from them through affiliate links.


You can sell physical products.

If you have an audience who likes physical products, you can sell those on your channel. You can offer merchandise or product bundles for your fans to purchase. You can also use YouTube to indirectly sell physical products by posting unique content that promotes your own products or other people’s (affiliate marketing).

You can become a coach or consultant in your niche and use your channel to find clients.

Now, about strategic partnerships. Like corporate sponsorships, there are many different ways to make money with YouTube. If you’re not a teacher or expert in your field, you can use it as a way to promote yourself and your business. You can make money by hosting live streams (a regular job) and charging entrance fees to watch them; you can create videos that teach other people how to do things—either in an instructional manner or as a tutorial; or you can simply share footage of your life with the world.

Perhaps one of the most popular tools for self-employed people is partnering with brands that want to market themselves through their channels. Even if your channel doesn’t center on creating content for brands, it’s still possible to work with them because they will realize that associating themselves with your particular idea will help their image and brand recognition overall.

Another method for making money on YouTube involves offering courses or tutorials via either paid memberships or donations from viewers. Both have their pros and cons—some customers may not be interested in paying for a course unless it’s very interesting and helpful, while others might be willing lowering the barrier of entry if they could access something without paying anything at all. It all depends on what kind of business strategy is right for you.

I think it’s time to start.

You can create courses and sell them on other platforms.

You can also create courses and sell them on other platforms, like Teachable and Udemy. To do so, you should first build a following on your channel: Your course won’t sell well if you aren’t known in the niche. If you’re passionate about your topic but don’t have any connections to experts or influencers yet, you can start building your name by speaking at conferences and contributing articles to journals (as long as they specify that you’re an author).

Once you’ve made a name for yourself, consider creating a course on a topic that relates to your channel—and then promoting it through your videos. For example, let’s say you created an online course called “The Inside Scoop on How to Cook Delicious Kale.” In this case, it would make sense for your video titles to include phrases like “How to Cook Delicious Kale” or “Kale Recipes You’ll Want to Try.”

You may have noticed that most of the advice in this article is not exclusive to YouTube. Sites like Skillshare and Coursera are another great way of sharing what you know with the world while making some money in the process. This is because they often have large audiences built-in; however, there are some key differences between YouTube and these other sites.

There are many ways to monetize your YouTube channel.

  • The first method is to monetize your videos through Google AdSense. With this option, you can earn money when viewers watch or click on the ads that YouTube displays on your videos. This is a popular choice for many YouTubers, as the more views you get, the more money you’ll make. However, keep in mind that this method isn’t always reliable and can be difficult to predict unless you have a consistent audience and well-established channel membership.
  • Another way to make money on your YouTube channel is through brand sponsorships. Brands pay YouTubers with large followings to promote their products or services in their videos – by wearing their clothing or talking about how much they like certain brands. This can be an effective way of earning income if you already have an engaged audience who is interested in what companies offer and willing to purchase it at their own expense (in other words: not paid advertising).
  • Affiliate links are another great opportunity when it comes time for monetizing YouTube channels; these are links provided by retailers such as Amazon which let customers order products directly from them without having to go through any other websites first! When someone clicks on one of these special affiliate links embedded within your video description page then purchases anything from them (even if it’s just something small like toothpaste), both parties benefit: You get paid per click while Amazon gets new business coming their way because people saw your recommendation for whatever product was being sold & wanted some too!

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